I have been growing violets for the past 22 years.. 

 The web site is old and the program on updating is out 
 of dating i be getting a new web site going  laterly on.

 the Gesneriads page is all mess up their is big section 
 missing I see about moving to another page soon.
 The Sinningia section is on the "new arrivals" page Now.
 The Special 0n order's recivied by 03-31-15 is the same, if you
  looking for special email me I I see about list them soon also.  
 I will keep working on what I can on the web site this year 
 until its stop working. 


  Monthly plant Specials and Specials can also be found on 
  the Special page. Many new varieties of violets, episcia, 
  sinningia,  streptocarpus and other  gesneriads have been
  added to my  list of offerings.  Some of  the New Plants can 
  be found in       New Arrivals   section. 

      Check the shipping dates I shut down on schelude for the 
  fall sales.  Order after that date will be put on hold until year.


      I appreciate your past orders and look forward to hearing
  from you again.  I have also enjoyed the many visits from
  those who have come by to see my growing rooms and to
  purchase plants.     



 Happy growing,

 David Harris

Update by Dave's Violets 2015